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  1. mg12

    Easy to use Highslide popups on WordPress.

    This plugin allows you easily to make Highslide popups on WordPress.

    这个插件助你在 WordPress 中轻易地使用 Highslide 弹出窗口。

    Supported Languages:

    • US English/en_US (default)
    • 简体中文/zh_CN (translate by mg12)
    1. Unzip archive to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.


    In 'comments.php' file add the following scripts: <?php highslide_emoticons(); ?> (Close the emotion window when somebody select a smiley.) OR <?php highslide_emoticons(true); ?> (Holds the emotion window open when somebody select a smiley.)

    1. highslide4wp screenshot 1

      Highslide4WP buttons on WRITE page.

    2. highslide4wp screenshot 2

      Highslide image dialog.

    3. highslide4wp screenshot 3

      Emoticons popup on single pages.

    2.0     2008/12/18 NEW    Compatible with WordPress 2.7.
    1.6.3   2008/10/27 FIX    Correct warning.
                       NEW    Added 'static' argument to 'highslide_emoticons()' method.
    1.6.2   2008/09/08 FIX    Correct cursor position.
                       FIX    Display dialogs over select lists in IE6.
                       FIX    Display icons without black border in IE6.
                       MODIFY Upgrade to Highslide JS 4.0.5.
                       MODIFY Using the highslide-with-html.packed.js version.
    1.6.1   2008/09/04 NEW    Added localization support.
                       NEW    Added Simplified Chinese language support.
                       REMOVE Discard iciba Daily Sentence toy.
    1.6     2008/09/01 FIX    Rewrite code with a better style.
                       NEW    Added emoticons toy.
                       NEW    Added iciba Daily Sentence toy.
                       MODIFY Upgrade to Highslide JS 4.0.3.
    1.5     2008/05/03 NEW    Compatible with TinyMCE 3.0.
    1.0     2008/03/02 NEW    Support Highslide image.
                       NEW    Works for TinyMCE.
                       NEW    Powered by Highslide JS 3.3.12.
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