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  1. Ajd777

    Add Access Keys to Category and Page navigation menus to make your website far more accessible.

    The WordPress Access Keys Plugin allows you to add access keys to pages and categories to improve accessibility of your WordPress website. This works with any page or category list that is called with wp_list_pages and wp_list_categories respectively.

    It is simple to use this this plugin. On the Admin panel it lists pages and categories with a current access key, and in a separate list it lists the pages and categories without access keys. Just add an access key just type a number or letter in a text box and click the save button. The categories or posts will then move to the top list, and you will feel great about be kind to your users.

    1. Download the zip file, unzip it and upload to your wp-content/plugins folder
    2. Upload to your plugin directory.
    3. Activate.
    4. Go to the Admin Menu under Manage named Access Keys.
    5. Read the short instructions.
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  2. Embed ThickBox into your posts and pages.

    Allows you to embed ThickBox into your blog. Simply insert ThickBox compliant markup where ever you want and you're all set. It is a pretty lightweight plugin but here are some of its features:

    • comes with an expert mode that allows you include the JavaScript and CSS for ThickBox only on those pages that actually need it
    • you can opt to use the script and style already bundled with WordPress
    • automatically adds the correct class attribute when using the gallery shortcode
    • and also contains SmoothBox
    1. Unzip the plugin into your wp-content/plugins directory and activate it
    2. Integrate it into a post or page.
    1. thickbox screenshot 1

      Some pictures in a gallery.

    2. thickbox screenshot 2

      If you click on a picture you'll see the larger image.


    • Added a translation for the Serbo-Croatian language (thanks to Web Hosting Hub)


    • Confirmed compatibility with most recent version of WordPress


    • You may now use the script and style that's bundled with WordPress
    • Automatically adds a class to the images generated by the gallery shortcode
    • Fixed glitch on admin interface (couldn't disable some options)


    • New admin interface with various options
    • Added german translation for ThickBox and SmoothBox
    • You may now add variants of ThickBox and SmoothBox as you see fit
    • Plugin supports i18n now


    • Small bugfix regarding jQuery.


    • Updated ThickBox (3.1) and SmoothBox (v20080623) to latest version.

    1.0 - 1.2.x

    • First drafts


    This plugin is released under the GPL.

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  3. dirkhaim


    that's a very cumbersome way to track your favorite ideas. there should be a way to track things here like in the forums

    Posted: 9 years ago #

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