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  1. selvaratnam


    The login page looks great with the WordPress logo etc, but for the complet site disign it would be great to have the option of creating a user file that had the same function as part of a theme where the theme and graphics would match.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. fireundubh


    James Kelly created a themed login plugin; however, there's no reason why the login page should not be easily customizable out-of-the-box as the rest of the presentation.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  3. newdigitalfans

    great comment plugins ,I like it and use for my newdigialfans blog

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  4. broom9

    Adds a tag cloud sidebar widget, used with the plugin Sidebar Widget and Ultimate Tag Warrior 3

    This is a sidebar widget for WordPress, which adds a tag cloud in sidebar.
    It must be used together with the so popular plugin sidebar widget and the wonderful tag plugin Ultimate Tag Warrior.

    I am using it on my blog, which is built on WordPress 2.1.3 and UTW 3.14159265.


    • The style of tag cloud is designed by UTW, the reference page is here
    • Thanks for the widget google search widget. I don't know php at all, just made this plugin based on it.

    Change Log:

    • v1.3 2007-06-21

      Added Donate link

    • v1.2 2007-05-25

      Thanks for Dan Davis, who provided this update for sorting tags alphabetically

    • v1.1 2007-05-23

      Added tag number limit for tag cloud

    • v1.0 2007-05-09

      Original version

    1. Download here : Tag Cloud Widget for UTW
    2. Upload the "tagcloud.php" to the path "/wp-content/plugins/widgets/"
    3. Active this widget in Plugins control panel
    4. In the presentation->sidebar control panel, drag the tag cloud widget to your sidebar

    Not any questions yet

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  5. KrustyRuffle


    I really want this....

    The newer hooks are nice, but I'm still having problems trying to insert a header/sidebar/footer to match the theme I'm writing.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  6. Seans0n

    A quick and easy WordPress SocialVibe Plugin with some extra options. Related Links: * Plugin Homepage

    What is SocialVibe?

    SocialVibe is a social media tool that helps people to spread the word about charitable causes online. SocialVibe keep in touch with a variety of charities like WWF and The World Food Programme. They offer tools to help you spread the word and attract more users to their site through you, which in turn earns more money for your Cause. Your Cause can also be sponsored by an advertisement group which gives you more points. The more collective points a cause has, the more donations it is likely to receive. See http://www.socialvibe.com/#/faq/ for more information.

    What is the SocialVibe WordPress plugin?

    SocialVibe WordPress plugin provides a widget and some useful options for displaying your SocialVibe cause on your site. It allows a widget for quick and easy implementation. It also supports a [socialvibe] tag with flashid and userid attributes which can be posted in any page or post and will be converted to your SocialVibe Cause when viewed.

    The plugin also offers a code interpreter so you can copy the code from SocialVibe.com, paste it into the box and it will extract your flash id and user id automatically.

    1. Unzip & Upload the contents to your WordPress plugins folder: /wp-content/plugins/social-vibe/
    2. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.
    3. Browse to the Design page. From here you can:

    * Click and edit the Widget -> named SocialVibe widget. * Click SocialVibe Options and paste your code into the box, then click extract, then save.

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  7. Stevish


    Yes. When you have multiple users, or require your readers to be logged in (as in for a private blog), the "Back-end" log in page is very much front-end. I assume that many less computer literate users are confused when they click on the "login" link on my artistic black/white and dark red website, only to be taken to a strange blue login page that says they're logging into something called "WordPress", which they have never heard of before. Some might think it was a phishing attempt.

    I just think (like all these other commenters) that the login page needs to fit with the rest of the site.

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  8. erigami

    Create small posts outside the main flow of your blog. Integrates into any theme that supports widgets.

    This plugin allows you to mark any post as a minipost. Miniposts are shown in a widget on your main page (or elsewhere). Features:

    • Integrates easily into any theme that supports widgets
    • Complete control of minipost appearance. Show the title, text, comment count, post date, permalink, and custom 'more' text.
    • Posts created with QuickPress admin widget can be marked as miniposts.
    • Miniposts will show a teaser if the post has an excerpt or a <!--more--> tag.
    • API to integrate minipost display into non-widgetty themes

    NOTE: Version 0.6.8 and up requires WordPress 2.7.

    1. Download and unzip.
    2. Copy the miniposts directory into your [wordpress-install]/wp-content/plugins directory.
    3. Activate the "Miniposts" plugin in your administrator panel.
    4. Add the "Miniposts" widget to your theme's sidebar.

    What is the non-widget API?

    MiniPosts2 provides two functions, is_mini_post(), and get_mini_posts().

    is_mini_post() - This function takes no arguments and can only be called from within the Loop. Returns true if the current post is a minipost, and false otherwise.

    get_mini_posts($format = null, $limit = null) - This function displays the existing miniposts. If either of the arguments are specified as non-null then the display is changed. The $format variable is used to specify a format, over-riding the values specified on the Options page.


    • Incremented version number in miniposts.php.


    • Changed versioning scheme to avoid wordpress.org bug.


    • Fixed permissions check in post save. Non-admin users should now be able to create miniposts (thanks for finding this one, Chris).


    Posted: 8 years ago #
  9. thebrainman


    Yes, this is definitely needed. One way that may good to implement would be to have wordpress check the Current Theme folder for a wp-login page, if exists use that, otherwise use the default.

    This way an update won't break all of the current installations out there..

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  10. stydresden

    Displays randomly selected Joker quotes from the film The Dark Knight.

    This plugin for WordPress adds the Joker Quotes widget, which displays randomly selected Joker quotes from the film The Dark Knight.

    Each quote is wrapped in a blockquote tag and is cited as being from "The Joker".

    This widget and its author are in no way associated with DC Comics, Warner Bros., or anyone else that claims a financial stake in the Batman franchise, and I'm not looking to challenge any of their claims to copyright or profit financially in any way from this plugin.

    1. Upload joker-quote.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Drop the widget in your sidebar or place <?php joker_quote(); ?> in your template

    Version History

    1.5.0: 2009-02-15: Many of the quotes in the first release were rather long, making it occasionally unwieldy in a sidebar widget. Shortened these monologue-length quotes by spreading them out over several entries. Looks much nicer now.

    1.0.0: 2008-12-21: First release.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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