Theme Editing That Doesn't Override Basic Commands

  1. chrislawhorn


    I love WP, truly, but I don't love the new changes to the Edit Themes section.

    In the past, I could edit the CSS of my site--for example--using commands that work the same way across virtually every program.

    For example, simple commands like FIND and SELECT ALL work the same way across WP, Microsoft Word, Chrome, etc.

    In the new interface, WP overrides these commands so that FIND no longer searches the full page--just a portion. Moreover, in every other interface, pressing ENTER after FIND would move you to the next instance of the phrase for which you were searching. Now it inserts a line break after the first instance.

    Similarly, SELECT ALL no longer does what the name implies. Instead, it highlights the whole screen--while only selecting a portion. To that end, if you COPY and PASTE the results, it extracts just the line where your cursor had been before the SELECT ALL.

    The new layout has more detail--line counts, annotations, and so on. And, while I'm not personally interested in the built-in CSS editor, I'm sure there are others who might be.

    But, I presume you could still include these improvements without overriding simple commands that work uniformly most everywhere else--and in the rest of WP--but not in the Edit Theme section.

    If I'm not alone in this feeling, please upvote the suggestion.


    Posted: 2 years ago #
  2. darioherrera


    I feel the same!!

    Posted: 2 years ago #

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