The Child Theme concept is awesome - why not offer a Child Plugin concept?

  1. Blackbam

    This would be awesome. To the current point in time if a Plugin does not fit my needs exactly I have to alter the source code and make my own Plugin out of it. Of course I loose the possibility to update the Plugin then. No matter if I just want to alter some HTML template, translations or a little bit more.

    For this reason I propose to implement a child plugin concept which works almost exactly the same as child themes. Within some folder you can override just any file of a Plugin and put your own by keeping the folder structure of the parent Plugin basically. This way you can still update the parent Plugin without loosing your changes and customization.

    I know we have great filters and hooks. But it is not always sufficient.

    As I think this feature would be a great gain for flexibility and extensibility I want to propose it here. What do you think?

    Posted: 3 months ago #

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