System to manage work between staging and production servers

  1. php-hates-me

    Using BlockRules you are able to attach some visibility rules to user defined blocks in your templates.

    Using BlockRules you are able to attach some visibility rules to user defined blocks in your templates.

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  2. Xnuiem

    A very simple plugin to email your users.

    Since it seemed like Email Users doesnt work for 2.7+, this is the replacement. It is simple to use, basically just install, select some users (or all of them) and send the email. For support, goto http://code.google.com/p/suitex/.

    1. Upload the emailuserx directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Under "Manage" in the Administration area, select your users, type your message, and send away.

    None yet.

    Initial Version


    To Do

    ToDo List

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  3. demir3520

  4. k0marik

    That would definitely solve a lot of problems that we are experiencing right now. It would simplify all the process that we are doing right now.

    So if anyone has figured this out on how to easy have a staging and live servers, we would appreciate it a lot.

    Thank you,
    Nikolay / Russian TV Online

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  5. 406

    Creates shortlinks for your wine related posts. It also display how may times the shortlink was clicked globally.

    This plugin will created a wyn.cc shortlink (http:wyn.cc/12345) for each of your wordpress posts which can be use in mircoblogging platforms like twitter. You can also track how many times the link was clicked as well as post your article directly to twitter from your wordpress admin area.

    Unzip and drop in your wordpress plugin folder.

    1. wyncc-shortlink screenshot 1

      Easy to access sidebar on admin post page.


    • Add Twitter link, to post directly from admin area to Twitter.
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  6. Profiles how much time to execute every hook takes. Warning: For PHP 5 only.

    WordPress and bbPress plugin developers use two functions to extend WordPress/bbPress functionalty. These are add_action() and add_filter(). They are used to set up a hook which is triggered by some event.

    The experience shows that hook execution takes signifacnt part of the page generation time. When there are few queries but the page generation is high, this plugin comes to the rescue.

    Unlike WP Tuner, which needs to specify the events to profile explicitly, SJ Hook Profiler automatically detects all used hooks and sets up the handlers to measure their execution time.

    By default the plugin is active only for the Administrator (WordPress) or Key Master (bbPress). This behavior can be changed by setting up a handler for enable_hook_profiler filter. The handler should return true if the hook profiler should be activated, or false otherwise.

    1. Upload sj-hook-profiler folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
    3. That's all :-)

    None yet. Be the first to ask.

    1. sj-hook-profiler screenshot 1

      Sample output


    • Compatibility with WP 2.7.x


    • Got rid of a PHP Warning in SjProfiler::end_profile().
    • Improved performance a bit by using PHP code optimization


    • First public release
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  7. Ladyholland

    Please help! I have tried everything suggested and am getting nowhere!

    I tried using the validator and it said initially that I should be able to log on (my site is ladyholland.com) but then tells me something about security violations. I am at a loss.

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  8. henkholland


    I do visit the Help Forums a lot and you can distingish two stages there in the life of the WP Blogger:
    1. Installation/Setup problems (not the topic here)
    2. Help I killed my blog!! After happy blogging for a month or having made twenty posts, people decide too make their site even nicer or change whatever or are prompted for an update, and THEY DO ALL THAT ON THEIR LIVE SITE. If there was a test envinronment they would more often take time to solve their own problems (and learn a lot i hat way) because there is no hurry. Also good for testing plugins etc you name it.

    Since I am only allowed one database with my provider I run a test site with a different prefix, not ideal but it helps me a lot. I am keeping them one on one with XML export/import (which has drawbacks but that is another topic).

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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