Sync PDF and media library post title property

  1. sjnbham

    Give a media settings option or just make it the default to automatically use the PDF file title metadata property for its media library post title on upload. Sync any changes to the media library post title field back to the PDF.

    This will:

    - Save time for users who include proper titles in their PDF metadata. They won't have to update the WordPress title if they have a source document (e.g. Word) that has the proper title that is passed on when saving as a PDF for publishing to the website. Or if they have a large collection of PDFs that have proper titles in their metadata.

    - Allow users to correct titles if the PDF is missing or has an ineffective title without having to download, edit using special software, and uploading the updated PDF.

    - Improve the search results for search engines like Google, which use the PDF title property and anchor text in determining what title to display.

    Posted: 5 months ago #

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