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    Please give your views about the new idea that I am planning to implement either as a plugin in WordPress or create a new website over it using WordPress. I have done a lot of search to find out something similar to it but I couldn't. Please tell me if you have any clue of it.


    1) Based on advertising people or anything they want to advertise. Its like making them famous.

    2) People register themselves and will be be asked to write a brief (or Ad) of about 200-250 characters which they would want to get advertised in any page of the website.

    3) In the website, they share anything with everyone. There is no issue of categories or groups or friend request.

    4) Now, others will rate the posts shared by others. Overall rating of posts made by a user along with his rate of sharing (with respect to others) will give his overall rate.

    5) This is done in almost every news sharing website. What the main addition is his Ad will be displayed in a page of a website where the utility or viewing rate of that page will depend upon the overall rating of that user. Like...Ads of highest rated users will be displayed on home page or of lowest ones will get displayed in settings page. Now, if the number of users with similar ratings is high, then random selection will be made among that group of users.

    Now...I know this is not a revolutionary idea and neither I am planning to go to Facebook level....but I want your views about its novelty, concept and future??

    Please tell me....

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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