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  1. cabofixe

    Trying to edit your theme or test a new theme can be very difficult without a testing server or a dev location. Dev Theme Test allows you to create a

    Development and staging environments are crucial for website development. It is very poor practice to make direct edits to the live site. WordPress does a good job about allowing an author to develop pages and preview and edit them without publishing them but there is a lack of tools when it comes to theme development. This plugin is meant to bridge the gap when it comes to developing themes without disrupting the experience for the users.

    Other uses can include creating a subdomain for different users such as mobile susers. You can create a mobile subdomain with a mobile theme and send your visitors there!

    Installation – Our plugin is designed to be easy to install. Feel free to use our installation page for instructions on how to install the plugin. Getting Started – Our Getting Started page is designed to be a brief tutorial on how to use the plugin.

    Subdomains – Using subdomains you can create a way to view your site differently. This can be used in development of a new theme, editing of a current theme, or providing a different theme for different users like mobile users!

    Development Mode – You are able to set up a template in development mode which creates a copy of the current theme and allows you to edit the dev template while leaving the original theme untouched. It also gives you a simple “Commit” button that will copy over all the newer files from the dev theme and replaces the older ones in the original theme.

    Members Only – Setting your subdomain as “Users Only” will require a valid login to access that subdomain.

    FAQs – If you have any questions you may find the answers to them in our FAQ section.

    Comments/Questions – If you are unable to get the help you need from the FAQ page or you have a suggestion on ways we can improve our plugin we offer you a form where you can submit them to us.

    1. Upload the folder 'dev-theme-test' to your wp-content/plugins/ folder
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Go to Settings->Dev Theme Test to set up your subdomains.


    • First release version
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  2. alianzablogs

    Intercambio de Contenido totalmente gratuito para tu Blog.

    PlugIn de AlianzaBlogs para Intercambio de Contenido Web, consigue contenido de forma totalmente gratuita para tu Blog mientras que a su vez compartes tus noticias con otros usuarios.

    Mas informaci—n: http://www.alianzablogs.com

    1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Config your plugin from the admin menu

    Sube la carpeta alianzablogs a tu carpeta plugins de tu instalaci—n de wordpress, y activa este desde tu panel de administraci—n. Introduce tus credenciales de acceso en la configuracion del plugin y listo!.


    • Ampliacion de servidor y cambio de DNS de la Alianza.


    • Corregidos algunos errores en la gesti—n de la informaci—n en HTML.


    • Ahora se incorporan las categor’as del origen como tags en nuestro post.


    • Ahora al seleccionar el post se crea un borrador autom‡ticamente, para modificaci—n posterior si lo requiere.


    • Corregido algunos errores al entrar al formulario del post.


    • Si el directorio para las imagens no existe lo crea.


    • Cachea las im‡genes del post en el source original a tu directorio uploads, as’ no se consume ancho de banda ajeno.
    • Corregido el error que ocurr’a cuando no posteabas un post autom‡tico e ibas a introducir un nuevo post de forma manual y este se fijaba como si fuera el automatico.


    • Ya no es necesario introducir el RSS feed.


    • A–adida detecci—n de noticias ya usadas.
    • Corregido Pasar fopen a CURL y fsockopen con deteccion automatica de CURl.


    • Creacion del PlugIn
    Posted: 6 years ago #

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