Specifying folder name for plugins in Extend

  1. Dagon Design


    I have quite a few plugins that I would be interested in adding to the Extend database, to make it easier for people to upgrade, and to take advantage of the other nice features the plugin database offers.

    My concern is that when I do so, the folder name is automatically generated by the Extend script. Which means I have no idea what the folder name will be until I upload it. This is a problem for a few reasons:

    - plugins that self-reference for one reason or another have to be rewritten after the original upload to handle the new folder name

    - the one plugin I have switched to Extend caused a lot of confusion for those who were using an older version, as the directory structure changed.

    I think it would be ideal to all the plugin developers the ability to specify the folder name in the Extend database that they would like to use.

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  2. nickohrn


    If you're worried about dependencies on the folder name (like you're including WP_PLUGIN_DIR . '/folder-name/file.php', then I would recommend just detecting the plugin folder name dynamically using:

    basename( dirname ( __FILE__ ) )

    Besides, what if someone changes the name of the folder that is uploaded? Then, you're out of luck anyways.

    Posted: 11 years ago #

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