Sorting Function for Theme Directory Page

  1. mmikacevich

    Please, add the sorting check box function back to the theme directory page. If WP is going to redirect themes.wordpress.net to a new page at least allow users to narrow down their choices as the former site did. It only makes sense to be able to sort via two-column and color rather than sorting through all two-column themes. And while I do realize that color is not an issue to bloggers familiar with CSS, there are many users out there would would benefit from being able to group their search search results along more advanced parameters.

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. ronskahleen


    The more options you can give people in the search the better. I do web pages, but navigating around wordpress is driving me crazy and it is hard to show clients possible themes, when we have to sit and look at so many.
    Any way to add more catagories to the the searches?

    Posted: 10 years ago #

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