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  1. nampara17


    How are we supposed to view the best rated plugins on the so called repository, that cannot even sort or filter effectively?

    With about a million plugins out there to offer this functionality, surely the might of programmers available at HQ could add an advanced search/sort facility to the plugin search?

    TBH the old view of plugins was fine. The recent time and effort on the new view of plugins was a waste of time. You could of just displayed the plugins in courier, with not much else AS LONG AS you had the advanced search and sort facility available.

    Realise that this may slightly penalise the new plugins from exposure or the ones that were not rated highly, but then it's a competitive world - these guys (authors) need to be promoting their plugins on their own sites for demo's, etc. and SEO.

    WordPress should be enabling us developers to find the most suitable plugins and themes in the fastest and most secure / effective way. This is not available and hasn't been available for years - it needs to be!!

    Posted: 10 months ago #
  2. Glenn

    I fully agree. I've been doing a lot of plugin browsing and searching the past few days (lost my HardDrive) and have come to realize that this new repository is woefully inefficient.

    I search "invoice," expecting that the search function would provide results for different forms of the word "invoice" - invoices, invoicing, etc... - but not so. Furthermore, googling "wordpress invoice" provides at least as many results of invoice plugins that the repository search does NOT provide.

    I also would have thought that by now the developers would have been able to provide a bit more functionality right on the main search results page besides "tested with" and number of downloads (the latter being a completely useless factor in my interest in the plugin) - I find some awesome plugins that are largely unpopular and/or obsolete.

    I had mentioned in the repository dev forum that it would be nice to be able to mark plugins as those i've already seen and either liked or didn't like, etc. Over the years I've perused these plugins so much, I often cannot remember if this is one I've already tested and cast aside. It's an enormous waste of time when searching for a particular need, downloading and installing, say, 8 possibles - only to find that I tested four of them last year.

    This new repository is not nearly as efficient as the old one was. I miss that one, ugly though it was. The new one looks nice, sure, but...

    Posted: 10 months ago #
  3. oneflix

    Same here.

    This is completely impractical.
    Sadly, it's easier to do to a Google search for "best" or "review" wordpress plugin for eg "mail responder".

    Do we need to resolve to this: http://wpplugindirectory.org/

    Not sure what the logic is that is driving this concept but Google Play also does not let you sort either.

    Posted: 9 months ago #
  4. bdonovanw


    Guys, what the heck? Why is this still only "under consideration" six years after being mentioned?!

    As has already been pointed out, WordPress *already has a database* of the available plugins. WordPress is already returning a set of results with pagination. Throwing a .map() or .filter() should not require six years of research.

    Posted: 9 months ago #
  5. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)

    We actually JUST rebuilt the entire plugin API in April so ... y'know, we're actually working on making it possible.

    It's not all that easy to let people sort like that BECAUSE of how large the database is. Step one, which we're doing, is making the search better and able to use filtering like that. We're on ElasticSearch now, so progress is being made. Next up would be developing an API to use to let WP installs do it.

    This may be hard to believe, but up until April, we weren't using a modern system at all for plugin management. Now that we are, we've been slowly and steadily making improvements in all areas.

    It took us a couple years of volunteer effort to get this far. We will get there, just not as fast as people want.

    Posted: 9 months ago #

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