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  1. nbrungardt


    As a web designer I do see the Value in WordPress, but I am not a person who wants to develop code and take time away from the design just to integrate a current or future design into WordPress.

    So I thought I have worked with and seen other CMS platforms that use Class="Editable" or something to that effect to integrate a site into the CMS, quite simple right!?

    But the problems that come from such platforms as they are too simple and limited in what they can do. What I think would be great is to have a simple to use plug-in or Class integration tags to get a site onto the WordPress platform quicker and easier. Without all of the PHP mumbo jumbo that only Geeks and Developers want to look at.


    <div id="main" class="wp-content">
    <div id="header" class="wp-header">
    <div id="nav" class="wp-navigation">
    <div id="article" class="wp-article">
    <div id="aside" class="wp-aside">
    <div id="footer" class="wp-footer"></div>

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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