Similar plugins taxonomy in wordpress.org website is needed.

  1. arezab

    As you know there are many plugins which do somehow the same job but in different ways and with different features. I think providing a specific area to categorize similar plugins in one place would be very effective in finding those which have similar functionality and features. Searching for a plugin in wordpress.org > extend > plugin gives only limited choices.

    That would gives people higher ability to chose between the right plugins from a list.

    For example if I'm looking for a plugin to create forms in my website and I search the plugins directory and end up with "contact form 7", it's a good approach to show a list of other plugins nearby under we say "similar plugins" which do the same thing but with different options or features.

    The same goes for widgets as well.

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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    This is not a core suggestion