Show plugin compatibility of currently installed plugins with new WP version

  1. 4hhistory

    In reality, the 'Search' function on the plugins site could use a lot of work.

    For example, I can use only one of the following:
    - Featured
    - Popular
    - Recommended
    - Favorites
    - Search

    It would be extremely useful if Search could be combined with any of the above. For example, let the user search for 'Popular' calendar plugins. As it is, you can search for calendar plugins, or view popular plugins. But not both.

    It would also be very helpful if the user had any option to see only those plugins that were known to be compatible with their current version of WordPress. Optionally, allow the user to select a specific version.

    Last, but not least, I thing the compatibility should be highlighted.

    Posted: 3 years ago #
  2. I've created a plugin you might find useful and is related to the OP's request. It adds information to the plugin admin page including:

    1. WordPress version compatibility range
    2. last update date
    3. overall rating
    4. number of votes
    5. WordPress plugin repository status i.e. in repository, removed from repository, never in repository

    Also, some thresholds can be set and if not met, info on the plugin admin page are highlighted in red.

    If you have other ideas of what to add, let me know.


    Posted: 2 years ago #

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