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    Is there a way for WP to insert dynamic (not static) URLs of image uploads/attachments into posts?

    For example, I want to insert a thumbnail image but instead of 150px width, I want it to be 160px width. If I change the settings of the thumbnail dimensions, the image URLs in previous posts won't change because they're static. So I'd have to reupload the original images for those old posts to generate thumbnails for them to have the new size.

    Perhaps using a shortcode like [gallery], for individual images, e.g., [image id=1234 size=thumbnail]

    This should be similar in implementation to the Get Permalink WordPress plugin.

    If this is not the ideal way, could you suggest something else, like an existing plugin or something?

    2.5 name of uploaded image thumbnails
    a template tag for the medium and thumbnail images of the original full size upl
    Shortcodes on WordPress.com

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