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  1. jimisaacs


    I am currently in development of a plugin to manage all wordpress shortcodes from one admin section.

    Here are some things I want to include:

    First an "Other shortcodes" section. This would be used to scan your wordpress hooks and filters to see see what shortcodes may be active due to other plugins etc..

    An "Add new" section. This is where you can add a new shortcode that will be saved to the database. There will be the shortcode name, any attributes/arguments and their possible default values, and the filter body itself. I am still thinking about how to handle the filter. I wanted to allow it to be hardcoded text data, as well as dynamic php somehow, and I'm weary of simply using the costly exec().

    A "Shortcodes" section. This is a list of all the shortcodes that have been added through this plugin. They can be activated and deactivate individually, similarly controlled like plugins themselves. The great thing is that since there is a record of them, they can all be deactivated and reactivated based on when this plugin is activated and deactivated.

    An "edit" section. Basically like the "Add new" section with all the fields populated, and you get to it through the list section.


    Having a record is what's important, because think of the possibilities. You would be able to order them, prioritize them, activate/deactivate them, track them, and change them. Tracking them I need some help on. I'm thinking something that searches all the content in the database where you might be asked if you want to change where they are used in your content on the fly when the shortcode record changes.


    Anyway, I am posting this here because I want the community to tell me if this is something that they would want, be interested in, if it's a good idea, and if anybody wants to collaborate?

    Give me a rating on this post, or a reply if you think so.

    Jim Isaacs

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. jimisaacs


    On my blog:

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  3. tysoncecka


    Having looked for this before learning what I needed to hack my own into functions.php I'm totally for it!

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  4. Jen
    Key Master

    This forum is for core ideas. Please move this discussion to the plugins forum.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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