"SEO" Title and Meta Description Support

  1. vorschauportal



    i would suggest to implement Title and Meta Description to WordPress. Because it´s necessary nowadays and the most guys only need this. No fancy things like "yoast seo" or something. Only the important things.

    I hope you like my idea :)


    Posted: 7 months ago #
  2. awesoroo

    To be honest, this is pretty good idea, as I use Yoast SEO plugin and it is using lots of resources on my server.

    Posted: 7 months ago #
  3. Switch Lead

    I agree, this is pretty standard when creating blog posts with SEO.

    Posted: 4 months ago #
  4. From SEO point of view, it would better to use such plugins like Yoast SEO.

    They give you improvements to better rankings in google. Readability Score sucks, especially in german language :/

    Posted: 3 months ago #
  5. timallgaier

    Yeah - a nice thought. But what, if google changes their character-lenth in the SERPs? A Plugin like Yoast will adapt to it much more quickly than WP will...

    Posted: 2 months ago #
  6. netref

    I agree, it would be nice to have SEO options like title and meta description without plugin but like Timallgaier said : Yoast is very reactive to Google updates.

    Posted: 2 months ago #
  7. thefogut

    I must agree with you, because we only need meta title and meta description for your sites or sometimes keywords too. But as we know keywords are not important any more. So by default WordPress should add meta title and desc so we do not need to use plugins.

    Sometime using plugins are not a good idea so we don't want to use that but still we need to add them because we need metas.

    Posted: 2 months ago #

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