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  1. Janni H.

    Most of the functions that are interesting for SEO are unfortunately only accessible via plugins.

    • Caching plugins
    • Plugins for CSS/JS minification and file merging
    • Image compression
    • Set keywords
    • Metadescription and title
    • Schema markup
    • Gzip


    These are all actually standards of SEO and are also built into most CMS. With WordPress, however, most of it is only accessible via plugins, whereby plugins slow down the whole page again.

    Therefore it would be super if there were already some Build-In functions.

    If this build in would require too much code, you could also set an option "Enable" / "Disable".

    Nowadays hardly a page without SEO prevails. I think to include some of the SEO functions is obligatory.

    This doesn't only include Onpage and Offpage SEO as listed above, but also analysis tools like control for backlinks (especially important in SEO, see https://colorando.de/de/blog/wie-man-gute-backlinks-generiert-universal-guide-2019). Or access to Htaccess etc.

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