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    Let's say we want some links to search engines on our blog. Or to freeware sites, or to News sources. All the time, we need 2,3,5 or 10 best links on some topic or the other but are too lazy to collect them forget about keeping them up to date. WordPress can help out by providing the capability of Semantic Linking.

    On my side bar or in a page or in a post, I only have to include a link of the type:


    On SemLinks.com, WordPress can invite users to create Semantic Link blocks. Semantic Link block number 8451 happens to be Search Engine links. So SemLinks (8451,5) would return the top 5 search engine links and show these on the sidebar / page / post.

    Similarly, I may want to add SemLinks (3726,3) for the Top 3 Social Networking sites and so on.

    On SemLinks, registered users create Semantic Link blocks, then other users can clone these and modify them to their own taste. Naturally the clone would have its own unique ID. Users can keep refining these blocks of links by adding, deleting or correcting URLs if these have changed.

    The most used, cloned and updated blocks are given more prominence.

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