[Security] Ideas to improve WordPress security a lot

  1. estforg


    I think that WordPress needs to be less vulnerable and have better security integrated to avoid brute-force and hacks, I propose...
    —Add a "Security Center" with these options:
    -Add an option to white/black list countries/IPs/Hostnames and possibility to limit the hours in which an admin can login, access the website, etc.
    -Option to limit the attempts to recover password and login before blacklisting the IP.
    -Option to block proxy users/bots.
    -List with the last changed files.
    -List of the successful/failture login attempts.
    -Option to automatically update all or certain plugins/themes.
    -Option to receive a email when successful login.
    -Second factor login security.
    -Option to automatically or manually backup the entire website with files, database, etc.

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