1. driz

    One huge limitation of WordPress is having more than one area of content. If you have for example both a blog and a portfolio, you are forced to create a category for each. The issue with this is you have URL's like domain.com/category/portfolio rather than just portfolio. The only way around this is to either create a page and fake and drop the /category/ base and fake it (not very elegant and very buggy) you could also just use your own category templates but again this is all very hacky!

    Other CMS's like Textpattern and ExpressionEngine allow you to create sections or Weblogs as EE refers to them. What this allows is for you to create a section on your site to add categories to and content. You could even add pages. So for example you could have a default section with pages like about and contact. Create another section called blog which houses your blog posts and also have pages like archives etc.

    It would also allow you to have a better permalink structure like domain.com/portfolio/category/animation/ and allow you have much more control over your content.


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  2. driz

    any input on this?

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