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  1. htmlmaster


    It'd be great if WordPress had something that let posts be extremely organized so that both members and search engine spiders could read them easily. Maybe something like TechCrunch, where the URLs are like:


    It'd make my life a lot easier, and it'd certainly help out with SEO.

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  2. Raanan

    Hi Zett & starpub --

    This is a really old thread when the app was a few versions older too ;)

    Please upgrade to the latest version of the app, 2.6.1, and if you are still having issues, start new threads and include:
    - Steps to reproduce the bug or problem
    - If you are running your site on WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress ( and which version )
    - if self-hosted WP, which hosting provider
    - The URL to your site


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  3. Seo

    I as a seo prefer to use a not to deep directory structure and it works to get better ranking in the search engine results.

    A post title has to be unique for Google - so I don't use a structure like url.com/year/month/day/title-of-post/ (it's too deep for crawlers). I prefer using url.com/title-of-post/
    Just try it, it works.

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  4. KristianPress

    Ewire Payment Module for WordPress e-Commerce

    Release notes: ewirepayment.codeplex.com

    ** Version 1.0B **

    This version is without complete,renew and cancel externally. Therefore remember, when a Ewire order has been submitted it shall be completed in your ewire account on ewire.dk.

    Ewire can not be held responsible for any damages or errors caused by the package, problem resolving goto: ewirepayment.codeplex.com.

    Good luck,


    1. Open the folder "WordPress" folder.
    2. Copy the folder "wp-content" into the folder:
    3. Goto your WordPress - WP E Commerce backend and find Ewire under "Payment Options"
    4. Mark it and "Update"
    5. Choose Ewire from the list at the right and configure it with the information found at your Ewire account under "Business". You're good to go!

    Ask in a forum

    Goto ewirepayment.codeplex.com

    Invalid paramters

    Check language, currency that it is correct






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