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    Using firefox 2x, mac - when using command minus to make text smaller, the text in window slides off to left - so far it is unreadable

    This same sort of bug happens when clicking compare in post revisions

    2.7 beta sidebar appearance:
    As for the sidebar - the colors are so light, it is very hard to make out which idem to click - on forcing the user to role over each item (which makes them legible - else just blindly clicking and hoping for Change... oh wait... making the right choice through luck instead of an informed pick...

    Despite staunch avocation by various members of the wp team for not allowing deleting Post Revisions, a very great number of us users would like the option of deleting Revisions to spare us confusion. I've revised more than several posts over 100 times - what a list to scroll through.

    I and many others also find it very disconcerting when post_id jumps from say 800 odd to 1000 odd on the next post.

    I've also noticed that 2.6x seems to add empty posts to the db... maybe saving a post if the user saves some post, then allows theWrite screen to be active long enough for a draft to be saved, alternately beginning a post then deleting the texxt deciding not to proceed further, but wp seems to save a draft of it anyway

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  2. poorfish1


    I forgot to clearly state that the screen redraw bug I'm referring to is in the 2.7 beta

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