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  1. seisicherer


    I don't know if this was already discussed but shouldn't it be much easier to delete or modify specific post/page revisions?

    I often review older posts and update them with new content, which generally adds revisions to this post. This combined with the autosave feature leaves some of my posts with more than 100 revisions (I write my content in the WordPress Editor) - which then again results in an increased database size.

    Since lots of the revisions are outdated (contentwise) I really would like to delete them (one by one and in bulk) to keep my database a little bit cleaner and smaller in size. Sadly I am not very familiar with SQL so naturally, I dislike working on the database.

    So my suggestion would be a menu like "review all revisions for this post/page" which lets you delete and modify selected revisions.

    I know there are plugins which will do that for you but since revisions are an official WordPress feature, I don't want any third party, other than WordPress itself, to be involved with this.

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