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  1. Wingless_Angel31


    I'm looking for a Plugin that introduces a Widget that does a few things:

    1. Plugin keeps a database of Contributors and each Contributor has a unique email (this can be the same table as the already present user group Contributors). However, each Contributor also has a 'Feed URL' of some sort that is locked into the database.

    2. Widget on website that allows for the input of username and password, and a button that reads 'Update!'

    3. Upon clicking of 'Update!', Plugin uses XMLRPC to retrieve (an admin-determined) X number of most recent posts from the already locked in Feed URL of the user, probably using the MetaWeblog API or some sort.

    I am looking to create a website that functions along the lines of Poll Email (or the idea that you don't get new email until you log-in and check); in this case I want my Contributors to have their own blog elsewhere yet only come to my site to click on that button whenever they want a particular post to be on my site.

    I have absolutely ZERO knowledge of XML and PHP and thought of this idea, so I was wondering if anyone could pick it up.

    Thank you!

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. AndreyFrolov

    May be current RSS feed aggregator is enough?

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  3. Wingless_Angel31


    Sorry if I sound dumb - I'm a coding dunce - the RSS feed aggregator... How do I use it?

    If it's the current RSS Widget I see, then that's not what I want.. I intend for the Plugin to post the X recent posts as New Posts on my site..

    If it's not, then is it automatic? I prefer if it were not, as sometimes my Contributors post irrelevant posts on their own blogs and they don't want these irrelevant posts appearing on my site..

    Thanks for your patience!

    Posted: 9 years ago #

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