Request Embedding Open Flash Chart Tutorial or Plugin in WordPress

  1. leepton


    G day at all,

    i'm new here and i love wordpress who completely changed my web life :)

    i'm running a company news website and word press is realay easy to manage vs my former way to make a new page with a html wysiwyg editor :°D for each new page or news ... in particular for the news.

    ok after this brief introdution i'd like ask you if any good person here woud consider to make a plugin able to insert Open Flash Charts in WordPress single pages , .... yes because the page where are the chart are 1 or max 2.

    I know that wordpress.com is already using Open Flash Charts and personally i think that OFC 2 has a lot of conf. to suite any pesonal needs.

    :) in any way if a plugin is too expensive in order of time .. atutorial could be good

    thank for your attention

    i'll stay here to see the replies.


    (a wysiwyg user)

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  2. Jen

    Leepton, this forum is for suggestions to WordPress core code, not for plugins and tutorials. You should make this request over at wordpress.org/support.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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