Repeating content and custom filed helpers for CMS use

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    It would be handy to leverage blog posts as a way to include repeating content types.

    For example, if I have a page made up of book reviews I would choose to use a special blog category to display this data.

    I would create a new page and use a short code much like the gallery short code, only this would consists of category ID's. When the category is chosen the custom fields update to reflect the chosen content. From the theme developer standpoint this template would need to be addressed to display and be styled correctly.

    This could consists of Book Title, Book Author, Description, Rating, URL, Date, and Cover photo.

    The custom fields could then become more prominent in the page and have the ability to be ordered. Title above content and so on.

    Selecting an image would load the media lib, or the UI to upload a new image. Selecting Date would use the blogs chosen date format.

    This would allow people who don't know HTML to update this content without cutting and pasting the HTML to do so.

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