Remove /wordpress/ folder inside .zip-file

  1. rarosalion


    Totally agree with hkan and others - keep it the way it is!!!

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  2. netlatch

    The plugin adds links to bloggers posts for readers to contact them without scripts or work-a-rounds like my email is john (at) doe.com.

    The plugin gives bloggers a easy way to provide a link for readers to contact them without using scripts or work arounds such john(at)doe.com.

    Using this plugin will allow direct communication bewteen the writer and the readers without exposing the writers email address to spammers or spam bots.

    The plugin appends a link at the end of all the bloggers posts. This link is to the bloggers Yougler Profile page where readers can read a little bit about the blogger or blog and send mail-forwarded email. This keeps the blogger from getting spam while allowing the writer and readers to communicate easily.

    In order to use the Yougler Profile you must first set up an account at Yougler.com. It is quick, easy, and free.

    After that, login to your WordPress blog, go under the Users tab and set your website address to your Yougler address. For example if your Yougler username were john, enter 'http://www.yougler.com/john'.

    Download the Yougler plugin from WordPress to your desktop. Upload the entire Yougler plugin folder to your WordPress plugins directory under wp-content/plugins/. You may also visit our plugin page at this link .

    Activate your plugin under the WordPress Plugins tab.

    Click options, click Yougler, set add signature and Yougler link at end of post to yes. Enter whatever signature you would like to add to the end of your posts in the box provided or you may leave this blank. Click update and you are done.

    The Yougler Plugin will now create a link to your Yougler Profile page at the end of all your posts. The link name will be your Display name publicly as: setting under the Users tab in WordPress.

    Yougler will display the authors name and url on each post so if a blog has multiple bloggers this should not be an issue.

    Your Yougler page will provide a form mail page for your readers to contact you. On your Yougler page you can also tell your readers a little about yourself or your blog. You can also add a picture (and maybe some more things in the future).

    Do not worry, Yougler is Spam free.

    If you like Yougler please feel free to donate at http://www.yougler.com/_donate.php OR even better, tell others about Yougler in your blogs. Yougler has many uses so look the site over.

    Help make Yougler Blogger Profile popular by blogging, digging, and bookmarking it. Since Yougler is a free site we have no advertising budget. We also hope to add some cool new features in the future.

    You can contact me with comments and suggestions at Yougler.com/pete.

    BTW your readers can also insert their Yougler Profile URLs in their comments so other readers can contact them too without getting spammed.

    Thanks and enjoy!


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  3. Ron Dilly

    Add free music from the unsigned band web to your wordpress blog

    The Free Music Widget will allow you to display song feeds or individual bands from the unsigned band web on your WordPress blog. The widget offers three feeds (Song Charts, Newest Songs, Editors Picks), and you can display 1-20 songs from any genre. The feed is cached locally for 1-hour. You may also display the songs from one specific band by inputting their band id from the unsigned band web. The widget has been tested with wordpress 2.5 and WPMU 1.3 but should be compatible with older versions.

    1. Upload wp-unsigned-music.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

    How many songs are at the unsigned band web?

    There are currently over 10,000 songs, and more songs are added daily. You will have plenty of fresh content for your widget.

    How do I display just one band?

    If you find a band that you like, just navigate to the bands home page and identify the ID which is the number at the end of the band url. Add this number to the widget admin panel and switch from feed to artist.

    Are these songs downloaded locally?

    No the songs are streamed from the unsigned band web.

    1. free-music-widget screenshot 1

      Listing 5 songs from techno feed with song image

    2. free-music-widget screenshot 2

      Listing 5 songs from techno feed without song image

    Arbitrary section

    A brief Markdown Example

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  4. Allows you to customise the page link anchor text and title attribute output in wp_list_pages() or wp_page_menu().

    This plugin gives you two additional inputs when Writing or Modifying a Static Page. One is for the page's menu label (anchor text), the other is for the title attribute within the link. By default there is no title attribute (as of 3.3). This plugin gives you more flexibility and will help to improve accessibility/usability.

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Download the plugin and unzip it.
    2. Put the 'page-menu-editor.php' file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    3. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and activate the Page Menu Editor.
    4. Go to Write -> Page or Manage -> Pages and Edit an existing page.
    5. The two new options will be displayed at the top of the Advanced options under 'Page Menu Editor'.

    What about if I don't want to set a custom menu label for a particular page?

    Just leave the menu label box blank and it will use the default value which is the same as the page header.

    I want the same value for my title attribute as my anchor text

    Okay, then either set the same value as your menu label or use %%menulabel%% so that it will always copy whatever the menu label is set to :)

    I want to use whatever the page title is of the page for my title attribute

    Use %%pagetitle%%

    What if I'm using custom nav menus?

    Then you don't need this plugin as you can control the anchor text and title attribute within those settings.

    1. page-menu-editor screenshot 1

      Screenshot of the additional text fields


    • Bug fixes that would throw up errors when WP_DEBUG was enabled (thanks Mark!)


    • Bug fix for migration code that some experienced
    • Bug fix for errors showing when label or attribute hadn't been set


    • Rewritten the code to make it more efficient and extendable for the future.
    • Added in an option to migrate settings over from the All In One SEO Pack due to requests.


    • Added in a check for 3.3 which now doesn't have a title attribute by default


    • Removed some unnecessary HTML comments causing spacing issues in MSIE


    • Bug fix for the settings page link when the All in One SEO pack plugin is running.


    • Fixed the code to work with the link_before and link_after parameters in wp_list_pages().


    • Had to revert the code to work with link_before and link_after parameters as this was breaking with child menus


    • Updated the admin in the add/edit Page to tidy it up
    • Fixed the code to work with the link_before and link_after parameters in wp_list_pages().


    • Fixed the insufficient permissions error
    • Added two tags for the title attribute to save time on copying/writing content


    • Fixed the error showing for some when upgrade page was loading


    • Minor fixes


    • Set the plugin priority to 1 as certain other menu plugins are getting their changes in first and preventing the plugin working.


    • Added in a migration function to allow you to migrate your settings over to the new All in one SEO pack plugin (if you use it) as it now uses the same code.


    • There is no 1.5 really, I just messed up the SVN update in the WP repository for version 1.4!


    • Minor fixes plus stripping out the added backslashes


    • Fixed an issue with version 1.2


    • Have now combined the two boxes into one section. It now appears at the top of the Advanced Options.


    • I realised you couldn't remove a label or attribute value once it had been set. This has now been rectified.


    Support is provided at http://www.stuffbysarah.net/wordpress-plugins/page-menu-editor/

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  5. sun-sentinel

    Sidebar Widget for your blog. Brings you the latest Miami Heat news and provocative insights of veteran NBA writer Ira Winderman.

    Sidebar Widget for your blog. Brings you the latest Miami Heat news and provocative insights of veteran NBA writer Ira Winderman.

    This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

    1. Upload sun-sentinel-heat.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Drag Miami Heat News and Blog Widget to your Sidebar
    • How do I upload sun-sentinel-heat.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory?
    • Use your FTP manager, browse to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your blog and upload sun-sentinel-heat.php to that folder.
    1. sun-sentinel-miami-heat-news-blogs-widget screenshot 1

      Screenshot of the active widget on a blog.

    Updated RSS Feeds

    Arbitrary section

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  6. RobertHarm

    Support the protests of the Austrian students and add a pagepeel to your blog. More infos about the protests: http://www.unsereuni.at

    Support the protests of the Austrian students and add a pagepeel to your blog. More infos about the protests: http://www.unsereuni.at - Twitter: http://twitter.com/unsereuni

    The online demonstration wiki can be found at http://unibrennt.at/wiki/index.php/Online-Demo

    PLEASE DONT FORGET TO ADD YOUR SITE TO THE DIRECTORY OF PARTICIPATING WEBSITES!!! http://unibrennt.at/wiki/index.php/Liste_der_teilnehmenden_Blogs_und_Websites

    1. Upload unsereuni-demo-austria.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

    This plugin is based on VDS Page Peel, which was originally developed by Ralf "Arby" Brostedt

    v1.1 - Bugfix "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent" v1.0 - Initial Release

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  7. Oceanwatcher


    The folks that defend the folder inside the zip-file are the ones that should be embarrassed and not working with software!

    It is dead easy to make a folder and unzip something there if you really need that.

    BUT - to unzip something without that folder is impossible.

    So to accomodate both, remove the folder. This gets WordPress in line with others like Joomla.

    If you do not have the folder inside the zip file, you actually have a choice.

    You want to unzip it right where it is now? Fine, go ahead and do it.

    You want the files in a folder? Created the folder, move ONE file and unzip it.

    If you are still un-zipping locally and then uploading every single file by ftp, then you need to get a new job.

    What everyone else have to do:

    Unzip locally, re-zip, upload and unzip on the server.

    This is not a HUGE problem. It is an annoyance. But it is a legitimate one, and if you are not able to see that, then you have the wrong workflow.

    Of course, it now only applies to first installs as upgrades are now handled automatically. I have never had it so easy keeping online software up to date :-)

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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