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  1. dotcomonly

    There should be a shortcut which can automatically remove tags from the front end of the blog post.

    It may be made the blog post more attractive than the regular post format.

    There are many themes which offer this customization. But it should be the default.

    Posted: 10 months ago #
  2. Yes ! That should default when We have large no. of posts like Wallpaper Site. But I think There are some mass delete tags plugin is available.

    Posted: 10 months ago #
  3. You mean just not show tags on the front end? That is 100% based on your theme, not WordPress core.

    And if you want to delete tags, you can do that too.

    Posted: 10 months ago #
  4. Sunny Kumar

    In order to hide tags at post page you can try adding style below to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

    .single-post .tagcloud{

    Posted: 4 months ago #

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