Remove Sponsored Themes from WordPress.org

  1. Inactive


    too bad that this idea was implemented.
    i think that everybody stays happy :

    webmaster: happy for being paid for your hard work
    wp user: happy for getting a new free theme
    sponsors: happy for getting baclinks..
    everybody wins with this..
    and 50% of the WP users simply ignore the footer links because they are tiny links.

    i think that only should have some restrictions,like link quantity,niche..things like that..whatever..

    Posted: 12 years ago #
  2. mixtlupus

    I personally don't mind a theme having an optional linkback but when they encrypt portions of the themes and have big message saying if you alter this your breaking the law it gets on my nerves, especially as the layout comes under the same GPL licence as WordPress itself making ALL the code free to modify and distribute.

    What many users don't realise is that that tiny link at the bottom of there page gets spidered by Google and other search engines, which mark the links as SPAM as they have recognised the same code on so many sites, Google way of dealing with this is to devalue your site within the search engine, loosing you traffic and viewers.

    If these themes were a piece of software they would be categorised as adware & spyware, they automatically display advertisements without the users consent and track the links when clicked.

    I'm sure this can not be legal under GPL Licensing Laws, I vote that all links are made obvious and optional.

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  3. katpatuka


    If there are such themes in the directory they don't need to be removed but they should be flagged as sponsored so that I am able to show only un-sponsored themes in the list of choices.

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  4. You can do a search in the code with any html editor. I think that the owner of templates and plugins must inform the users if there are any (hidden) back links.

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  5. jcrens8392


    I don't think there's anything wrong with sponsored ads. If someone downloads a theme and it has sponsored ads, they can either decide to use another theme or remove the ads. It's not like they're being forced on anyone.

    Someone above mentioned WordPress is free and people shouldn't profit from it. I don't agree with that. People are profiting from Premium themes and plugins. People are profiting from custom theme designs.

    Another thing is that sponsored themes are a great way for a theme designer to make a little money on the side. Web design is an incredibly competitive industry, and many designers simply don't make enough to live on for quite a while. Offering sponsored themes is a way for these designers to help pay the bills for a while.

    One last comment. Sponsored themes can absolutely be used for people trying to build links to porn sites or spam sites or other "bad neighborhoods", but should we completely overlook the good that can come from sponsored themes simply because some people abuse them? Ultimately, people are free to make their own choices...to use a sponsored theme or not, or to leave the link in the footer or remove it...should we start making decisions for these people? I think we should leave it up to them.

    Posted: 11 years ago #

  6. Inactive

    I don't mind a link to the theme designer. I think it's a courtesy. After downloading 40 - 50 themes however, I noticed the foreign bs links in the footer of the theme I figured suited me best so I went to the footer and the damn thing was encrypted with a bs notice of copyright infringement if the footer was messed with. Who cares. If had the skills I'd change it all I want. I e-mailed the designer and she agreed to remove all adds for $20.00. I know, chump change, but she received her paltry 20 a week ago and I haven't heard a peep after writing a couple times and asking what was up. I don't care about the money. You can make as much as you can. Just be straight about it.

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  7. dburks

    I am new to WP and just set up my blog with the "light" theme, the theme has 3 (125x125) sponsored ads and a banner ad in the header of the page.....what's up with these? Currently they do not link to anywhere and I was hoping that I could place ads for products of my choice on my blog with this theme. Any feedback will be great appreciated.

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  8. celix44

    If there are such themes in the directory they don't need to be removed but they should be flagged as sponsored so that I am able to show only un-sponsored themes in the list of choices.

    Posted: 10 years ago #

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