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    Say theere exists a good rss aggregator http://www.example.com (just an example). By insertiing uri http://www.example.com/rss/userss.php?qu=+TermA++TermB++TermC&news=on&blogs=on&title=example+Query:++TermA++TermB++TermC into the existing (standard) WordPress widget, I can get from that source a list of articles related to search terms "TermA TermB TermC". What I want is to automatically pass those search terms "TermA TermB TermC" to the rss widget or plugin, i.e. to parametrize the rss URI in the plugin, and pass those parameters from a "single post" template file. Why?

    Say the user clicks on a post header to display a single post. The post is tagged by keywords (or listed under the categories) TermA, TermB and TermC. WOuldn't it be a service to the user to display in the sidebar a bunch of links to related external articles obtained through rss? "Related" could be defined as searcheable via either post's tags or via post's categories.

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