Realign images folder from wp-includes to wp-content

  1. teambiff


    -Logical order and structure since all other user created/generated material is already in the wp-content folder
    -Will simplify WordPress upgrades if user can delete/replace entire wp-includes folder without having to make exceptions for the image folder
    -Grants user easier access and customization of smileys and other icons for a more custom look and theme
    -Will open up possibilities of "smiley theme packets", etc. as suggested in other threads

    Why smileys?
    -Because they add another element to the type-written word and allow for an author to convey more meaning or clarify an ambiguous meaning
    -They are part of the culture
    -"Smileys" don't need to necessarily be smileys but can be frequently used icons (like a closing tag/logo often seen at the end of magazine articles), schematics, math equations (E=mc2), etc. depending on the purpose and focus of the blog

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