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  1. thefutureisbright


    Hi, it would be great to have a real demo of themes rather than just a preview. Alot of people are used now to having a demo of a theme before they use it and you could add proper demo content to each one from the theme provider rather than the current standard content.

    It also like the way the tag interface has thumbnails of all the themes and I think it would be better to show all themes in a thumbnail gallery which show a preview when you hover over and then have the tag interface to the side so you can filter by tag rather than search by tag, ie it shows all be default.

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  2. abmobil


    I was thinking about this few weeks ago as well. In my opinion this is currently solved not good at all, because most of my themes look totally different in preview compared to after activation. The preview looks always different and doesn't really help at all. In some casses my wordpress even crashes, though happens very seldomly. This demo modus would be great to reduce chance of running into trouble, especially for "beginners". +1 from me!

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  3. Have you checked out the new theme customizer in WP 3.4? I think it does a lot of this.

    Posted: 5 years ago #

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