Idea: Quote Me Correctly & Give me the Credit

  1. steffsings

    The pluggin would allow readers to

    Click Quote Me:
    1)highlight ORIGINAL sentences - Paste Them Into QUOTE ME pop-up
    2)an ACTUAL reference with a TAG is Generate(APA style etc....)
    3)Exact quote that Gives credit to the author & their site

    HERE'S THE KICKER - Unlike twitter or other cut&paste links... that kinda... quotes you - THIS WILL do something far more important for the studiuos, political, or philosophical Blogger that realllly says bind-blowing, life transforming things - makes a REFERENCE to your Intelligencia!


    4)Allow the Authors website to have a STATISTIC saying "I'm Published" or "I've been quoted"
    *how many times they were quoted (and if possible) *Where the quote resides.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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