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  1. Audentes

    SUGGESTION: The star-rating system for plugins is not sufficient.

    Suggest putting together a panel of volunteers to check all developer plugins posted on WP site for auto-instal inside our Dashboards.

    All plugins should WORK at the time they are posted, and all should have:

    [a] intelligible and relevant instructions not only at the plugin site, but built into the plugin itself, as installed;

    [b] any developer who posts a broken plugin should receive 30 days' notice to replace it with a repaired plugin; meanwhile, broken plugins should be deleted from the offerings by WP.

    [c] to ensure these standards don't reduce the number of available plugins, put together a panel of volunteers with writing skills to suggest draft instructions, in English, to developers; including revisions or corrections to existing plugin instructions.

    [d] in the case where a plugin would be good if fixed, but the developer ignores requests to fix it, and the source is available, please put together a panel of volunteers to take these plugins and fix them. For example, the Satollo postcards plugin doesn't seem to SEND the postcards, although it actually creates beautiful e-card galleries when installed. At the plugin site, the developer offers no instructions and seems to comment that this is due to his poor English. However, in the sidebar, his English seems fine. He should be warned to fix his plugin and provide instructions or it will be removed. Better yet, if the code is available, someone else should fix it and write the instructions, because it's a nice plugin. This kind of procedure should be followed with all plugins.

    Thank you.

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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