Provide Option to Stop Adding P and BR HTML tags

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    WordPress, by default still adds <p> and tags to the content. It does not show in the editor, but in source view of the page it does.

    The addition of these tags does mess up the display of the page, adding far too much space between paragraphs or elements in a lot of cases. Google is full of these complaints since 2009 as far as I found, so why keep doing it??

    Apparently the TinyMCE plugin does not stop this default feature all the time, despite a setting that supposedly stops it.

    Certainly it could be the theme design that over rides the TinyMCE plugin settings for this, so here is a much better method, one that WordPress developers need to do and about time too (sorry for being blunt about this).

    == Suggestion ==
    WordPress is to provide, in the editor, a checkbox selection to "stop" WordPress from automatically adding P and BR tags.

    In fact, 1 check box for each, 1 for P tags and 1 for BR tags so "WE" can choose to allow this default behaviour or not for both or one of these tags.

    Doing this is so simple for WordPress developers and would also lessen the "plugins" we need to over-ride a default behaviour that has caused so much grief, giving us users more "control" of our documents.

    == Reasoning ==
    I am a web designer and build many websites. I found that when a script or core design does things 'automatically' for people can lead to more trouble with building a website than the apparent worth it was thought to be.

    Taking away so much control from users and/or making global decisions for us that never work well "globally" leads to problems, so instead of making blanket defaults settings like the one above, instead provide choices / options for users that allow us to choose whether to use the default behavior or switch it off.

    Avoid doing everything by default, provide options and make WordPress work for us instead of against us like the above issue has done.


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