Proportional thumbnails in Media Library

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    One of the frustrating things in the media library is that all media previews are cropped in a square box, making it very hard to identify the image.

    Adding the CSS below to my theme's admin style sheet fixes that issue and the thumbnail is proportional inside a square box in grid view.

    .wp-core-ui .attachment .thumbnail .centered img {
    	max-width: 100%;
    	max-height: 100%;

    The side effect is that thumbnails can now appear very small. Looking at web inspector, I can see that changing the value of the data attribute data-columns of media-frame-content will affect the preview size. That value adjusts dynamically between 1 and 12 based on the viewport size. I have not found where that value is set or how to override it.

    My suggestions are
    1. Add a "proportional" option to the Media Library (ideally it would work for both Grid and List view)
    2. Add a size selector that would adjust the breakpoints for data-columns

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