Prominently display a link to "Wordpres Ideas" ...

  1. booruguru

    ...on the WordPress.org/com homepages and in the backened of WordPress installations.

    This shouldn't be something people have to look for or discover by accident. WordPress/Automattic needs to more aggresively seek feedback from ALL users rather than just power users/nerds like us :)

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  2. There's a 'plan' in mind for this section.

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  3. SEO Dave


    What about the latest ideas on the WordPress dashboard via and RSS feed.

    Would get me here more often, keep forgetting this section exists!


    Posted: 5 years ago #
  4. FWIW, the ideas forums are for Core suggestions, not site design ;)

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  5. booruguru

    Well obviously there is a need to talk about more than Core suggestions, so the scope of WP Ideas should probably be expanded.

    I'd say, let's put it to a vote, but evidently we're not allowed to do that. Do you see my point?

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  6. booruguru - I don't understand the attitude here :/ It sounds like you're angry. I hope I'm just miss-reading this.

    The ideas forum is for the intention of sharing ideas for primarily WordPress core (that's why we have a 'Not Core' category you see). But you'll notice this post isn't closed, just filed as 'not core' and moved out of the way of ideas for the code in WordPress.

    I agree, Ideas should be more promenant, but I also think it needs one heck of a facelift (do over even) to make it a useful tool :) It's a messy hodgepodge right now!

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  7. booruguru

    No, I wasn't upset. Sorry if it came across that way. I was just saying that there needs to be a place to discuss miscellaneous topics.

    ...I noticed that there is a "Not Core" category after posting my previous reply.

    Anyway, sorry again if there was any misunderstanding.

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  8. I think we're good :D

    The 'Not Core' section still has open posts since.. there really isn't a better place :/ The only better place to talk abotu weird stuff like this is over drinks.

    Posted: 5 years ago #

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