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  1. becky.lansdale


    This has so much written about it and no simple solution, which I'm sure would be simple to implement.

    I (and a zillion other people) propose that there should be a very simple drop down box - just as assigning a sub page - to chose which page you want your post to appear on.

    Having pages is all well and dandy but everyone's own written and paid for blog/website has multiple pages each with their own posts - it's necessary for every type of blog you can think of, entertainment - pages for TV want posts for TV, pages for Film want posts for film on them.

    My own hosted blog is specifically for cooking, however it would of been SO MUCH easier to create - wouldn't of had to of gone to so much effort - if WordPress already allowed posts to specific pages and not ALL to the homepage. Even with my own hosted page, I still can't write my own posts to pages because I want WordPress to be my dashboard.

    I've seen some plugins where people have had to attend to their own needs by making their own solutions but non of which are straight forward fixes and even the most savvy blogger isn't going to know which bits go where, because that's your job. It should be a WordPress standard, just the same as creating a page.

    I haven't done a tonne of research into if any other providers supply such a feature but I can already guess that they don't. If WordPress were to send a mass poll out to their users of who would find this a much simpler and a huge relief to their blogging needs, I'm sure it would create a massive response.

    And no I don't want to reroute any catorgories or tags with URLS to pages, I don't want to fiddle with my php, no I'm not a web designer and no I can't just stick to pages.

    I'm looking at you WordPress. Because that's your job.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  2. Mark


    It does sound like you can accomplish most of these things using categories instead of pages. For 'pages for TV want posts for TV', read 'category TV displays posts from TV', etc. If you don't want all posts to appear on the frontpage, there's a zillion ways to do that (including lots of fine plugins). In short, I think this idea is plugin and theme territory.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  3. becky.lansdale


    That's the problem that comes up the most, the people who don't GET IT. It's not about categories, and it certainly isn't in theme territory, do you read other people's websites, that aren't just a blog hosted on WordPress with a standard wordpress theme, a self hosted, self made blog.

    I could definitely pay four grand to have someone write the kind of thing I'm after, sure, but who has four grand laying around?

    I don't want to separate topics into a category based and I've tried a million plugins and nothing does the job.

    It's about having more than one post page. Pages that aren't static. Having the ability to blog on many different topics under another page name.

    All you need to do is search google for "post to pages on wordpress" and there are a ridiculous amount of results for people wanting the same thing that also have the exact answer that was commented above.

    It's not just about having all your posts on 'subject A' come up when someone clicks it in the side bar labelled category. It's a slicker design. Categories I use and they're fine, but I need to post to various pages.

    For me in particular - I have a "recipes" page and it's static, where if available I would of been able to make it 'postable' and each recipe would of been very simple to post and the categories would be used for the menu to type of meal, and it would update to RSS. Simple.

    Instead I have to create a recipes page that is static, obviously, that is each individual picture linking to a separate page with it's recipe on. A pain in the ass.

    I could sacrifice my "blog" for having only recipes on it or I could write about everything on the front page. But I don't want to. And neither do a whole heck of a lot of people, the most dated forum I read asking my question was back in 2002.

    Seriously. It's time for change.

    Plus it's all optional, if you like yours the way it is you aren't being forced to use it. I just want it to be an option.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  4. Mark


    If that is the problem that comes up the most, "people who don't get it", you should ask yourself who is not getting it.

    I suggest you explore the issue a bit more. In your reply I don't see anything that could not be done with multiple categories. Many sites do exactly that. Check out WooThemes for themes that let you choose between category-based and page-based navigation. Category archives are by definition dynamic, and if there is anything that's like the 'multiple posts pages' you need it is category archives. 'Slicker design' of course is just a theming issue. I assume you are aware that the sidebar is far from being the only place where you could list categories. And I assume you are aware of the fact that categories can be hierarchical and that tags can be used for category intersections. In fact, there is no reason why your categories could not be listed as items in the main menu (indeed the menu functionality in WP3.0 lets you do this easily) and why you couldn't use the category description for a bit of text as intro to an otherwise dynamic page.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  5. Mark


    To give an example, this site has what you call "posts for pages". There is a page "Event Representation" which lists all posts to do with that. There is another page "Space" that lists all posts having to do with that subject. There is a front page that displays some text, but not all posts from all categories. There are separate pages by Year that crosscut the other categories.

    In short, it seems to do all of the things you want it to do and more. That is what I mean by theme territory. WordPress can already do what you want. It is up to your theme to leverage this functionality.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  6. sacredpath
    Automattic Happiness Engineer


    I volunteer over at the wordpress.com forums, and this subject comes up every few days it seems. Everyone basically wants to have the equivalent of multiple blogs within one site. Categories work for this, and that is always what we recommend, and the vast majority of people are happy with that once they see how it works, and with the new menus feature (on themes that support it) this gives you the ability to effectively have multiple blogs within a blog since you can set the navigation up that way either in the top navigation, or in the custom menu widget.

    Now, if you basically want separate blogs on separate subjects from one URL/main blog, why not just switch to MU and set all the separate blogs up as subdomains? You can create custom links in the navigation on the main blog and then you have complete and separate control over each blog including widget, plugin and theme choices.

    Just sayin'

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  7. becky.lansdale


    Not that you're still following this 'idea' but if you were then I thought I'd respond. Sacredpath has really got it spot on, if you'd of been the first to reply with the mention of MU then it would of saved me a while of trying to find something that fits what I'm after, without having to pay someone like woothemes.

    Reading my responses back now seem like I was just going round and round in circles. The trouble is finding out the information without having to write a lot of coding yourself or paying someone to do it for you and still achieving the end goal.

    MU is pretty much perfect, although WordPress themselves say that the idea I want isn't actually what MU's purpose is. I know there are ways to 'get around' problems, whether it's plugins, themes, categories. IT just would be so easy if there were an option for people to just have it at a click of a button.

    Simply write a new page and post to it. Multiple blogs from ONE back and front end. Simples.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  8. I would say judging by the fact your website is off-line Becky you have found someone to implement your idea.

    I would have to agree with Mark and Sacredpath in that what you want is already there - it's just knowing how to leverage that.

    Out-of-the-box, WordPress' default theme is fairly uninspiring - although the new TwentyTen theme does give it a lease of life albeit with the same old functionality underlying the surface.

    There are some great free themes out there that require no customisation yet will give you exactly what you want. I think the key is education - more so in the documentation that accompanies WordPress. Some areas lack detail which would be of great benefit to users like yourself.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  9. becky.lansdale


    It's a big learning curve, not everybody who wants a creative outlet is equipped with the knowledge to set one up. Obviously or I wouldn't be here.

    It's offline at the moment because I had trouble with Multiuser on Friday the 13th, ironic, and decided to completely start a fresh.

    I was in the process of designing the various sites that I'm going to have on MU so it was just pushed down a "under construction" path.

    The trouble I have is wanting it all and not having any of the skills. Which in retrospect I would have to pay out some serious money to achieve everything I wanted my wordpress to do. So, I need to learn the art of baby steps and living within my little blogs means.

    I totally agree with you, going this way round and researching really does put people like myself, sitting at the computer, reading pages upon pages of information, with the same "I don't know what you're talking about" expression.

    I could just say "well this is too difficult" and stick to a basic .com blog but that wouldn't get me anywhere either. WordPress should release "documents for dummies", even if I don't like the term it would of been really very handy.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  10. ingular


    Hope this idea is still under consideration and would like to add my argument in favor of implementing it. I also think that the initial suggestion to provide: "a simple drop down box - to chose which page you want your post to appear on" is a really great idea.

    I'm using wordpress to power the website of a research project involving 8 researchers. They want to have separate pages for their own posts (page titles = researcher's names), and want to use categories to make connections between their posts. There needs to be a separation between categories and pages here because one researcher will sometimes use another researcher's name as a category, but that shouldn't then affect the content of that person's page. Basically its necessary to have the researcher's name existing as a category as well as a page title, but separately. (I think) we have resolved this issue now, but it would have been great to have this simple function on the dashboard. Guess it would also stop the people who keep requesting this function from asking for it.

    So thats my two very unexperienced cents..

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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