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  1. cincauhangus


    posted on http://aaronho.bloglogo.com/2006/12/19/wordpress-featureplugin-suggestion/

    My blogging process goes like this:

    If there’s pictures: Auto correct > Resize > Censoring > Attach watermark > Upload to Flickr [1-2 hours]
    Start Blogging [30-45mins depending on the amount of content]
    Insert pics into post
    Insert Lightbox links
    Insert Tags
    Choose category
    Choose date and time
    Press Publish
    8 steps. but time consuming steps.. Especially step 4 and 5..

    So i was thinking, during my usual brainwashingstorming session in the showers.. Why not have Profiles for Posts? Like those profiles you can set on your phone, eg: silent will include vibrate, no tone, flashing lights, outdoor profile will include max tone, no vibrate, etc.. Get what i mean?

    Features like append to before or after post.. Able to add html to it.. especially when we wanna add the same tags.. or at least have a template for me to add in my tags instead of typing the syntax everytime i wanna post.. Colours also can be an option.. category can determine what colours to show..

    Then able to append to the HTML (specifically, lightbox plugin) according to a specific syntax/template/string or something.. eg:

    <'a href="yada" [auto inserts a lightbox rel property here] <font color="#ff0000">rel="lightbox"</font>><img src="yada" /><'/a>

    Anyone knows any plugins like this? or anywhere i can suggest this to wordpress?

    Ok the reason i’m not developing a plugin is because I don’t have the time to read & learn WordPress’ API, and I don’t know PHP. So if’s there’s anyone who wants to develop a plugin based on my idea, go ahead. Just put my name somewhere on the plugin will do.

    Posted: 13 years ago #
  2. mozey



    Posted: 13 years ago #
  3. John Blackbourn


    Though this is a good idea, this appears to be a request for a plugin. This forum is for suggesting features for the core. I don't think this functionality would suit the core, it would just be bloat.

    Posted: 13 years ago #

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