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  1. praveenbm5

    Dear all,

    I was customizing wordpress for building an online publishing platform (which wordpress already is IMHO :-) ) and i wanted a meta-box in the edit post admin page above the title and rich editor.

    here i want to put some info regarding the context/category of the post they are editing and links to return back to the context/ category. this is a rare requirement but its essential in my case.

    So i propose that wordpress provide a meta-box category called 'top' along with 'core', 'normal', 'advanced' and 'side';

    here is the patch code that needs to be put into 'edit-form-advanced.php' on line 552 in the latest build right before the title-div.

    its a single line patch.

    do_meta_boxes('post', 'top', $post);

    Thats it.

    This allows us to define meta-boxes that go above the title and rich editor. Where one can show some contextual information about the post/page being edited or created. Like say we are writing a child-page then we can show the parent pages excerpt there and some relevant links.

    I opine that this simple change will inspire more customization by wordpress hackers.

    And please try and make the wordpress admin pages and login pages brandable.

    Login page should become template based sooner or later. Why not now?

    Thanks all for the patience.


    Praveen Baratam

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. hachesilva


    Also, is it posibble to add more layouts and/or columns to the admin work area? Would be nice to have at least one more.

    Thanks to praveenbm5 for the idea and to the WordPress team for having it in consideration.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  3. Jen

    Too many suggestions in one thread. Please post one suggestion per thread so they can be addressed individually.

    Posted: 9 years ago #

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