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  1. bcharters


    There should be improve Search and Sort Filters for finding plugins (at present almost any search will return many pages of matches).

    Filters that would be handy to be able to turn on include:
    - Compatible up to: <WordPress Version #>
    - Last update date > yy/mm/dd or 1 yr, 2 yr
    - Rating > n
    - Downloads > n
    - Support threads resolved > n%
    - New since > yy/mm/dd or 1 yr, 2 yr
    - "Free Version only" vs "Has Paid Upgrade = Free or Paid

    Then, also allow the results list to be sorted on these filters (i.e. integrated with existing filters poplar, etc.).

    These filter, in conjunction with existing search (or better yet new advanced search strings with AND and OR, etc.) could be used to help people truly narrow down on the highest quality, most supported plugins, making for better end results.

    Posted: 4 years ago #
  2. bcharters


    I see another post looking for search improvements for plug-ins. Perhaps several related ideas could be merged for consideration.

    Posted: 3 years ago #

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