Plugin Idea: Large Tooltip showing Excerpt when Hovering mouse over List Items

  1. CarltonBale


    I love the information density of web20.OriginalSignal.com. The pages consist of a bunch of headlines -- hovering your mouse over the headline will result in a large javascript tooltip popup showing an excerpt from the story. I'd love to see this feature added to WordPress via a plugin.

    I want to use it in the sidebar. Hovering the mouse pointer over the "Most Recent Posts" would result in large hovering tooltip showing an excerpt from the post. But this functionality could be useful for just about any list or sidebar item.

    WordPress does produce a small "tool-tip" pop-up when hovering over list items but it this has two major weaknesses. First of all, the browser-controlled pop-ups are too small. Secondly, they contain the wrong info -- they repeat the post name instead of showing the post excerpt.

    I looked into implementing this but my coding skills are inadequate. I found the javascript to do the pop-ups (boxover2.js), figured out how to customize the appearance, but I couldn't figure out how to inject the proper code into the pages/links to get the "Title attribute" used by the javascript to show something other than the default text. If someone could figure this out, I'd be a very happy to participate however possible.

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