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  1. sammysimms

    I think it would be great if WordPress hosted a Plugin Appreciation Week or Month. Most, if not all, WordPress users go to the WordPress.org Plugin Directory to use free plugins to help manage and control their site to their specifications. This is great for someone like me, who knows a little about coding but not nearly enough to contribute to the directory.

    I use many free plugins for all of my websites, but what I notice is that the really good plugins (or ones that I GREATLY rely on) have a free version (WordPress.org) along with some sort of extra for additional cost. I realize that developers spend a fair amount of time upgrading/updating their plugins and even spend money to make them better and more comprehensive. In all the work they do, even though they are free to use at no cost whatsoever, I still think that the developers deserve some sort of reimbursement or thank you from us consumers who rely and depend on their work for a GREAT looking and running website/blog.

    My personal philosophy is that if I use the plugin for 6+ months on a site and I find it helpful and/or useful, then I donate a small amount to the developer through the “Donate to this plugin>>” link. Being on a low income I can’t offer $50 or even $35 but $5 or $10 is doable and is fair.

    I think WordPress should, every year around the same time, host a Plugin Appreciation Week or Month. It gives users, like me, a reminder that if we all contribute a little, then more good things could happen. Plus, I know that developers would feel better about submitting, maintaining, and continuing their plugins on the directory if they knew that some of their time and effort was to be reimbursed. Also, it would be great if during the Appreciation Week or Month if WordPress interviewed some of the developers to learn why they did it, how they keep it updated, and some good things they have heard from others who use their plugins. Other ideas would be to list all the different plugins in each category and the ratings of each plugin. Also, it would great if WordPress shared some ideas of plugins that people are looking for but none are currently in the directory to fill the need (this might inspire others to make and add their plugin to the directory).


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