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  1. Clifford Paulick


    Example info:
    WordPress.org Username: cliffpaulick
    WordPress.org blog: http://cliffpaulick.com/
    Plugin name: xyz plugin
    Plugin Version: 2.0.3

    Feature Request:
    If I'm browsing plugins or themes (extend) on WordPress.org and I install xyz plugin and I say to myself, "this plugin does 'this' well but I didn't like how it did 'that' so I uninstalled it," I'd like to track that in my WordPress.org account. WP would notify me if there's a new version, could keep track of how many times I install it and where, and it would be nice to add/index extends outside of WP.org's directory. That would let WP know and track plugins outside of its directory and more.

    User could select whether to enable all this "Extend Tracking" or not, to make individual reviews public or private, request to be notified when a new version or not, developers maybe even send broadcast message to users with plugins installed, etc.

    Because extend items are often free, donation supported, or even from outside WP.org's directory (e.g. Code Canyon and Theme Forest), there are sometimes too many choices of related plugins, and after testing 5 or 10 I find #1 all over again just to realize I already tried that one. Thus, my request, for the user's benefit, the community's, and in line with WordPress' apparent goals to bridge the .org and .com environments and grow the user base and improve functionality and satisfaction.

    What'cha think?

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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