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    I use wordpress, and am generally pretty satisfied with it, with one large caveat: I use wordpress to post photo-intensive blog posts. The photo management system currently built into wordpress makes this extremely difficult and tedious. For, say, a blog showing highlights from a recent wedding photo shoot, I need to:

    --Upload 40 images. This is pretty fast. However, if I try to insert an image into my post before the flash batch uploader completes all 40 images, wordpress freaks out.

    --I need to make sure all images I upload fit into the odd size constraints being imposed on me, for which I can't find a way around. So right now, all images are constrained to 450 pixels wide. I do this because resizing each image individually after upload is tedious. A feature that existed when I first started using wordpress several years back was that images, when too large for a template, would scale down proportionately. This allowed me not to care too much about size restrictions when uploading. Now, though, they are scaled down in X only, leading to squished photos that look terrible. I would love to see the constrained-scaledown return.

    --Once all images are uploaded, I need to insert them one at a time into my blog. Drag-and-drop functionality from a "gallery" pane in wordpress would speed up this process immensely. Inserting 40 images, with no consideration about how text wraps around them, takes an hour or so. I have to poke the Media/Photo button, scroll to the image I want, hit "Show", make sure it's size is constrained properly, hit Insert, repeat, repeat, repeat.

    --I then preview my blog. Half the images seem to use relative path names, and for some reason do not show up in the final blog. Only a text link shows up in these images' place. I haven't figured out what the rhyme or reason is behind which images get relative path names and which don't.

    --If I want to delete some images, this is another exercise in tedium. I would like to tickbox each image I want to edit or delete, and do so in batch (much the way I manage spam comments). Currently I have to do this one at a time, and the GUI provided for doing this is glitchy and error-prone.

    The current system seems fine for bloggers who would only need to insert an image or two and who aren't, therefore, troubled by the many steps involved in batch-processing, but for bloggers who would like to use wordpress to manage photo-intensive content, the current system constantly leaves me hoping for a better way.

    If, incidentally, there's something obvious I'm missing in terms of management, I'd love to hear some pointers or things to try. But basically what I'm interested in doing is something like this:

    quickly. I don't want to embed a gallery, I just want to display a large number of images inline in an efficient way.


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  2. Jen
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    For now your best bet is a plugin. We are gradually improving the media features, but the code is very complex and it won't all happen at once.

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