Payment System to download Plugins and Themes (Extends) right in WordPress.org

  1. Clifford Paulick


    Summary: Like turning the Repository into the iTunes store. Devs can release plugins and themes for free or for $1 or for $10.

    1) Developer makes a plugin
    2) Developer (kindly) releases into WP repository for free
    3) Developer includes a "Donate" button inside the plugin's administration
    4) No/Few donations - apparently not enough to keep up with development or support
    5) Plugin abandoned, but current and potential users don't really figure that out until after a year of no one ever hearing back from the developer or after realizing it is no longer compatible.
    6) Repository is littered with plugins that aren't compatible with the latest WordPress (I know, some people don't upgrade - maybe for the reason that they just HAVE TO HAVE that plugin) and/or aren't supported (not even by the community).

    New Idea:
    1) Make plugin
    2) Release in repository, set price of $1
    3) Can still include "Donate More" button
    4) Every download charges me automatically $1. Developer doesn't get my contact information (unless I want them to), doesn't feel as compelled (maybe) to include a "Donate" button everywhere all over the plugin, and is much more likely to continue supporting a plugin that has 20,000 downloads. Also helps not to have to maintain a Lite and Premium version - but they could if they still wanted to.
    5) Plugin not abandoned by the community or the developer/support.
    6) Repository is of higher quality if less plugins are abandoned. (And incentive for more developers to release.)

    A) If plugin becomes abandoned or incompatible with latest version of WordPress, it automatically becomes free.
    B) Pay each time to download to a different install? I don't see why not if it's only $1.
    C) Or, you could just attach the WordPress Extend "Market" to our WordPress.com logins, as long as we have our blogs setup in there (like JetPack or WP.com Stats).
    D) All updates mandatory no charge (just like iTunes store) - keeps things working nicely together and encourages updating to the newest release of WordPress.

    Thoughts? Feedback?

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  2. netaction

    The JUSH JavaScript Syntax Highlighter reads the HTML, PHP, SQL or any other source code in <pre class="jush"> elements and styles it

    JavaScript Syntax Highlighter can be used for client-side syntax highlighting of following languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTTP and SMTP protocol, php.ini and Apache config.

    • Highlights languages embedded into each other
    • Links to documentation of all languages
    • Colors can be easily modified via CSS
    • Recognizes complete PHP syntax including __halt_compiler, heredoc, backticks, {$} variables inside strings, namespaces
    • Works in all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome

    The content of all <pre class="jush"> elements in articles and sites will be highlighted.

    1. Upload directory jush to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

    The content of all <pre class="jush"> elements in articles and sites will be highlighted.

    Where is the homepage of JUSH?

    For questions visit the plugin homepage jush.sourceforge.net

    1. jush-javascript-syntax-highlighter screenshot 1

      With no Language given JUSH highlights every language it detects simultaneously.


    • First release


    • Some important bugs fixed


    • Minor fixes
    Posted: 6 years ago #
  3. Amaury Balmer

    Allow to geolocalise post with Google Maps (API in v3). No google maps key are required. You can choose with the map the position of the post on admin

    This plugin allow to geolocalise post with Google Maps (API in v3). No google maps key are required.

    You can choose with the map the position of the post on admin. You can use shortcode for display the map, or the widget. You can also display a maps with each posts localized on the same maps !

    For full info go the Simple Post Gmaps page. Read the sample file for an example of query.

    1. Download, unzip and upload to your WordPress plugins directory
    2. Activate the plugin within you WordPress Administration Backend
    3. Go to Settings > Maps and follow the steps on the Simple Post Gmaps page.
    • 3.2
      • Performance improvements
      • Shortcode enerator with terms
      • Remove some javascript debug
    • 3.1.2
      • Add simple post gmaps icon and script on ever admin post insertion/edition page.
    • 3.1.1
      • Check WP_Ajax present or not before include file
      • Add global maps shortcode configurator in the admin editor
      • Externalize the javascipt for performances
      • Add a search feld for centering the map in one location
    • 3.1
      • Use maps V3 massively
      • Clean code and use jquery for multiple global maps
      • Add button en editor for the shortcode on global gmaps
      • Add search field under gmaps
    • 3.0.10
      • Massive clean of the code source. (try to economize memory!)
      • Fix small bug with saving meta geo
      • Use WordPress API...
    • 3.0.9
      • Add possibility to not add the hidden coordinates a the end of posts
    • 3.0.8
      • Fix a bug with edition of custom type and registering Javascript/CSS
    • 3.0.7
      • Only insert in table at post publish
      • Some minor bug fix
      • Remove php Notices
    • 3.0.6
      • Add a table at plugin activation for queries
      • Add possibility to get posts by latitude and longitude coordinates ordered by distance( distance in km )
      • Meta are merged with the table data's
    • 3.0.5
      • Fix a bug with javascript recursive loop
    • 3.0.4
      • Rename all code for "Simple Post Gmaps"
      • Add admin page for optionnaly active meta box on each custom types
      • Add documentation on whole code.
      • Clean function with unsed part
    • 3.0.3
      • Allow custom icons depending category
    • 3.0.2
      • Add shortcode for display all posts on same maps, with dynamic KML
    • 3.0.1
      • Add first shortcode for display post geolocalisation on Gmaps.
    • 3.0.0
      • Clone Post Geo Meta from WP.com
    Posted: 6 years ago #
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