Option To Duplicate Widgets

  1. VizFact

    I think WP needs an option to duplicate widgets. In some of the widgets this option is seriously needed. Especially in the widgets that contain fields that need to be filled out, but need to be used in different areas on a particular website.

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  2. Drew Jaynes
    Docs Czar

    Hi, can you pleasure further explain the reasoning for why such a duplication feature would be useful?

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  3. crzyhrse


    Lots of reasons.... I came across this thread while looking for this very ability...

    I.E., to be able to duplicate a widget with all its settings, text, images, html, shortcodes, other code and whatever, widgets that one might like to use a second or third in a different widget area, maybe identical or maybe with some its variables a bit adjusted, and not have to set it all up again...

    Most themes seem to have multiple widget areas, and even the ability to create new widget areas, and place widget areas in multiple and different locations...

    And a lot of widgets are complex with lots of settings and entries and etc., and come with the possibility of using them multiple times with slight variations in the settings, etc...

    Kind regards...

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  4. perthmetro

  5. crzyhrse


    One is not updated in over three years, and the other in over a year and a half... Using plugins that old is foolish...

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  6. No it's not.

    Many plugins don't get updated because there's no need.

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  7. crzyhrse


    Knowing a just a tiny bit about who you are, both in the WP world and at DreamHost, I find it curious that you say this...

    Maybe if someone is a php coder or plugin author and delves into or understands an old plugin that way, or is connected into its development in some way, then sure they can maybe get away with using a long time not updated plugin...

    But not most of us, and why take the chance anyway...?

    Though I do a little css and html and borrow php pieces and functions here and there I am very much not a coder. And so I use a whole lot of plugins on my sites...

    That is what I understand in very simplistic terms what WP plugins are basically "for," at least in part, for people like myself who are not coders, and for people who do code and who share their coding with each other through plugins, so they don't need to keep repeating the same coding over and over...

    Even with all the plugins I use on sites I very, very seldom have an issue with any of them because I take the time to check them out, in regards to how they are being updated and supported, their reviews, and even sometimes checking a profile to get a sense of how solid the author seems to be...

    Your comment taken on face value also seems to be extremely contrary to very prevalent and widespread WordPress community advice and warnings about unsupported and "un-updated" plugins... Not to mention well displayed info in the plugins repository like "Untested (or) Compatible with your version of WordPress," and the blatant warnings that come up when a plugin has not been updated in over two years...

    And as you would know, it is not just that an old, unsupported, un-updated plugin can sometimes mess up a site, even take one down, they can be security risks as well...

    II will stand by the gist of what I said, expanded just a bit-

    Using old, unsupported and "un-updated" plugins on a site one cares about is foolish...

    Kind regards...

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  8. Dima Stefantsov

    I'd use them if that "old" plugins would work. They have bugs. Oomph one breaks widgets functionality, it's reported in it's comments, no fix yet.

    Would indeed love built-in functionality to clone widget. Or a working plugin for that.

    Why I need this? I want same widget to be shown in different places with a bit different settings. Workflow would be to clone, add conditional logic "is_mycondition()" (done via separate plugin), change just the little bit I need changed.
    Now I have to create this widget ground up and make sure I set everything exactly like in first one.

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  9. Let me put it a different way.

    The age of a plugin, it's last updated date, should never be your only data point when deciding the value of a specific plugin.


    Works just fine :) It's old, it's not been touched, but it's well coded and works just fine. The fact that one of the lead devs of WP wrote it is, in my opinion, more important than the updated date.

    Using plugins that old is foolish...

    No. It's not. Using a plugin and only using it's age as a determining factor in it's value is incomplete. Look at the whole picture. Who wrote it, how they wrote it, what their standing is in the community, and what the reviews/comments are on it.

    But don't just say "Oh it's old, it must be bad."

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  10. SickNick

    Well i've tried both plugins and they are not working. Maybe because they are just old.

    Right now, and before land to this page, i was looking for how to avoid to start over with a new sidebar. I have 15 widgets showing on sidebars and i must add the 10 of them from the beginning.

    So yes, a built-in functionality would be useful.

    Posted: 2 years ago #

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