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    I have a translation proposal in the WP itself, so it's easier to translate plugins and themes into multiple languages. The problem is that the WP does not store in one place the already translated data or topics. Every time I update the plugin, I need to re-insert manual translations and this is a big fault of the system itself. If you could make the memory of translated items from a theme or plugin, so that only when updated, emails in the emery all translated items, and possibly insert new if there are, and then just continue to translate, without returning to the manual and saved translations. It would be a good idea if the WP would take over that main role, so as to adjust the languages ​​in the basic settings, at the same place, you simply add the WP translation, both the function and all the items that are available on the site, to synchronize translations, and it is easier to translate sites, only content to be translated, and the theme and plugin to be translated as much as it is translated. I think this is a small upgrade, but a great thing for the function of WP as well as the theme and plugin. Just to scroll and insert new lines in the code, in order to preserve the work and facilitate translations. Many languages ​​do not even have a bit of translation support, translation can not be found, let's just a little improve and improve at least that function, so that everyone is more easily directly from the WP to create which languages ​​we want to translate the site. You translate the contents, and everything is updated sequentially, and it builds on the existing verusion and not it is deleted.

    I think someone understood me, and that he realized it was a small thing that would make it easier for many to work with multilingual sites.

    That we all understand :)

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